Staining & Liming

pic_stainingA personalised stain or lime wash can open up endless possibilities for you to create a completely unique look. You don’t have to settle for the colour of your existing floor boards if you don’t want to!
STAINING – A multitude of different coloured stains can be used and mixed to match your colour requests creating rich transformations. Stains are applied directly to timber before coating.
Colours we use include – Walnut, dark teak, jarrah, ebony, rosewood, oak, burnt umber.
LIME WASH – A white solution that is applied directly to timber before coating. It softens the natural colour of the timber creating a coastal feel and stylish charm. Tonal grades range from translucent to an almost opaque white. We use Porters wood wash for all our liming projects.

Important points:
o Stains and lime washes react differently to different timber species. Therefore you should make your selection from the
samples we make up on your floor. Selecting a colour from a colour chart won’t necessarily mean that colour will appear
that way once applied to your timber floor.
o Due to the complex nature of staining and liming additional costs apply.
o See gallery for colour ideas.